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smile for a healthy heart Vermont Morning® is delicious and of course it's made in Vermont by Vermonters, with our famous old-fashioned attention to quality. I'm pleased to say that it is currently being served in our Statehouse Cafeteria.
The Honorable James Douglas,
Governor, State of Vermont
smile for a healthy heart We serve Vermont Morning® multi-grain cereal because it's made in Vermont with unique ingredients that make it very different from oatmeal. We think it's a great product!
Mary Nearn, Executive Chef,
The Equinox Hotel, Manchester, Vermont
smile for a healthy heart We serve Vermont Morning® Cereal at Central Vermont Hospital because it's a great source of healthy carbohydrates. It's full of whole grains and fiber to promote heart and digestive health. Our customers love it because it tastes good and we love it because it's good for you.
Sylvia Gaboriault,
Assistant Direction of Nutrition and Food Service, R.D. & C.D.E
Central Vermont Hospital Center
smile for a healthy heart This is the best oatmeal I have ever had! I add walnuts, cranraisins, and almonds. I love it! I eat it every day for breakfast. - Bonnie H.
smile for a healthy heart This is the best hot cereal I ever ate! (from our first customer, so we quoted him in our tag line because we think so too!)
smile for a healthy heart "Vermont Morning® is the fastest selling hot cereal we carry!" - Mehuron's Market cashier
smile for a healthy heart My five-year old son is a self-declared vegetarian and Vermont Morning® is his favorite food.
smile for a healthy heart I misplaced your great scone recipe. Can you send it again before I have a revolution on my hands? - Kim D.
smile for a healthy heart Love your product! Can I buy some stock in it? You're up there with Newman's Own! - Kari D.
smile for a healthy heart Thank you, thank you for producing such an excellent breakfast food. Finally, I have found a food that covers all the bases - low sat fat, no cholesterol, no salt, no sugar, an ideal mix of fat, carbs and protein, along with plenty of fiber. And the best thing is it tastes great! - Darlye R.
smile for a healthy heart Hi. I just had a bowl of your delicious Vermont Morning® oatmeal. It is the best oatmeal I have ever eaten. - Judy D.
smile for a healthy heart Marks on our first bowl of Vermont Morning®: EXCELLENT! I like your street address. Sounds like a fun place. - Bob M.
smile for a healthy heart WOW! Triple whammy...great packaging and thanks for the recipes. - Tom G.
smile for a healthy heart You have a terrific product! I eat it every morning - you must be brilliant! - Deborah G.
smile for a healthy heart I have had your cereal with dried blueberries and fresh strawberries and raspberries every morning since you were here. I love it! - June H.
smile for a healthy heart We ate Vermont Morning® the morning we climbed up Camel's Hump in a blizzard and then bombed down the snow covered trails in our Mad River Rocket Killer B's...if you need testimonials, let me know. I love Vermont Morning® because of no sugar, the added cinnamon, and of course, because I'm supporting a grass roots company, not a large corporation. - Clay S.
smile for a healthy heart Let me know when you go public. I want to buy stock in your company! - Peter M.
smile for a healthy heart You will do well with word-of-mouth. I tell anyone I see looking at the cereal rack at our store! - Marie T.
smile for a healthy heart I absolutely love starting my day with a nutty, nourishing bowl of hot good health. I mix in some pumpkin butter or apple butter to cool it down. They add subtle flavors without obscuring the great work you've done achieving such a splendid winter morning treat! Thanks. - Fred B.
smile for a healthy heart I just cooked up a batch and, by golly, your advertising is right on the money; it IS the best hot cereal I've ever eaten. - Ron S.
smile for a healthy heart I think it has helped me lose a few pounds. - Allen D.
smile for a healthy heart I ate VM with yogurt for breakfast for three months and didn't change much else in my diet. I lost 50 pounds and dropped my cholesterol 100 points. - Joan F.
smile for a healthy heart I hike and snowshoe a lot and I bake up a high energy bar for snacking using Vermont Morning® as the base. Great stuff. - David B.
Made with whole grains!
Our Vermont Morning® Taste Test!
We wanted you to know about our taste test. We bought several bags of different commercial hot cereals. We followed their instructions and ours; tasted theirs and ours without any milk, sugar or fruit; then tasted theirs and ours the way we typically fix ours. All we can say is theirs tastes like cardboard. Ours is rich and round. Theirs is watery and ours is thick and robust. Their serving size means we had to make two servings to match ours. Vermont Morning® is an honest, good sized bowl. It is "the best hot cereal we ever ate." If you take the taste test we're sure you'll buy Vermont Morning®...another 4 pounds, please!